Interviews index

This page gives access to a selection of the interviews Vangelis gave over the years. Most were transcribed from magazine or news paper publications. They are listed in reverse chronological order.

VIMAgazino interview (Official English translation) (Vimagazino, September 25 2016, Greece)

Text - Vangelis was interviewed by Pavlos Papadopoulos about the relation between music and science. The interview was published in Greek but Vangelis approved translations to various other languages.

Also: Version in French.

Complete and uncut version of The Observer interview (Originally for The Observer, July 1 2012, Uk)

Text - Allegra Donn interviewed Vangelis for The Observer, which published a shorter version. Here is the original alternative version of the article with some of its source material.

"Scoring favors the bold - Vangelis Conquers with Alexander" (Venice magazine, January 2005, USA)

Text - Vangelis gave a few interviews around the release of the Alexander soundtrack CD, with this one being published in the Los Angeles arts and entertainment magazine.

"Vangelis, the International Greek" (Status magazine, June 2002, Greece)

Text - Quite out of the blue, almost a year after the series of interviews that he gave for the Mythodea release, Vangelis allowed Greek lifestyle magazine "Status" to talk to him. The interview has been published in "the old" quality on many pages, full of pictures that were never seen before and with a photo on the cover. Presented here in an English translation from the original Greek text.

Klemblad interview (Klem magazine, October 2001, The Netherlands)

Text - English, partly translated from Dutch - Vangelis interviewed in Athens by Frits Couwenberg of Stichting KLEM, shortly after the Mythodea concert was performed. Published in KLEMblad 107, October 2001

Pulse! interview (Pulse! magazine, September 2001, USA)

Text - English, John Diliberto, famous from the Echoes radio shows interviewed Vangelis for Tower Records' in-store magazine. Released in September 2001.

Ta Nea interview (Ta Nea, June 23 2001, Greece)

Text - English, translated from Greek - The first interview to be published since a very long time, this short questionnaire appeared as part of a special in Greece's "Ta Nea", news paper.

Jon Anderson about Vangelis (Unknown radio station, April 24, 1998, Romania)

MP3 audio - English - Telephone interview with Jon Anderson. The short parts appearing here focus exclusively on Jon's work with Vangelis.

"Vangelis, Past and present" (Replay Magazine, August 1993, United Kingdom)

Text - English - this UK magazine printed a small article with a few interview quotes in August 1993.

"Natural Man" (Keyboard Review magazine, December 1992, United Kingdom)

Text - English - Interview in Keyboard Review's December 1992 issue, around the release of "1492 - Conquest of Paradise".

"Vangelis Makes Rotterdam Tremble" (De Telegraaf, June 15, The Netherlands)

Text - English, translated from Dutch - Interview in Dutch daily newspaper "De Telegraaf", a few days prior to the Eureka concert.

"Vangelis and the Machines" (La Repubblica, March 28 1989, Italy)

Text - English, translated from Italian - Interview in an Italian daily newspaper, around the release of "Fransesco" but before the Rome concert.

Periodiko (Periodiko magazine, February / March 1988, Greece)

Text - English, translated from Greek - Greek magazine interviewing Vangelis, around the time Vangelis was in Greece and performed two concerts.

LA Times: "Vangelis And His Friend, The Synthesizer" (LA Times, November 7 1986, USA)

Text - English - On the evening of Vangelis' only American concert, in Los Angeles 1986, the LA Times newspaper published a short interview.

Proposa (Proposa magazine, November 1985, Greece)

Text - English, translated from Greek - An interview published in Greek magazine "Proposa", published in November 1985.

"Vangelis analyses his syntheses" (Guitare et Claviers, January 1984, France)

Text - English, translated from French - This French magazine about electric and electronic instruments interviewed Vangelis when he had just renovated his Nemo studios in London.

"The Sumptuous Synthesizer Saint" (Music Maker, September 1982, The Netherlands)

Text - English, translated from Dutch - This interview originally published in Dutch colorfully describes the journalists visit to Nemo studios. Published in Dutch "Music Maker" year 5, issue 11.

Scoring with Synthesizers (American Film magazine, September 1982, USA)

Text - English - "American Film" magazine published an article about synthesizers being used in modern film scores, focusing on Vangelis and Giorgio Moroder by means of interviews.

ROLLING STONE magazine (Rolling Stone magazine, May 13 1982, USA)

Text - English - Interviewed by the popular American music magazine "Rolling Stone", after winning his Oscar for Chariots of Fire.

People Magazine (People magazine, April 19 1982, USA)

Text - English - Article "An Olympian effort by composer Vangelis ends in an Oscar score for 'Chariots'".

Backstage interview (Backstage magazine issue 10, February 1982, Belgium)

Text - English, translated from Dutch (Flemish) - Backstage magazine managed to talk to Vangelis for 5 minutes, resulting in this interview article about leaving Greece and the unofficial Hypothesis album.

"One Man Shows - Vangelis" (Best magazine, November 1981, France)

Text - English, translated from French - Published in French music magazine "Best", one of the last interviews before the success of Chariots of Fire.

"The Starsky and Hutch of technoflash" (Sounds music newspaper, February 16 1980, United Kingdom)

Text - English - Jon and Vangelis interviewed together, before the release of "Short Stories".

"Oor interview, 1978" (Oor music newspaper, May 3 1978, The Netherlands)

Text - English, translated from Dutch - Dutch music paper Oor had another conversation with Vangelis at his Nemo studios.

"Vangelis, The Master / Jon Anderson and the miracle of Olias" (Best magazine, September 1977, France)

Text - English, translated from French - French music magazine "Best" always had a nice word to say about Vangelis. In this issue they had a series of interconnected articles about successful solo artists, including these interviews, one with Vangelis and a separate one with Jon Anderson.

Sounds: "Shaping the studio to suit yourself" (Sounds music newspaper, February 5 1977, United Kingdom)

Text - English - Another article from British music paper "Sounds", this time with Vangelis and engineer Keith Spencer-Allen, focusing mostly on the recording process at Nemo studios.

"Vangelis: machine head" (Melody Maker, October 2 1976, United Kingdom)

Text - English - An interview taken during the preparations of the postponed Albedo concert, printed in "Melody Maker".

"Heaven and Hell - Radio Special" (Promotional LP release, 1976, USA)

Text - English - This represents the text of a special promo LP released after Heaven and Hell, where Vangelis talks about the album and many other topics.

Sounds: "Vangelis - The Complete Orchestra" (Sounds music newspaper, June 19 1976, United Kingdom)

Text - English - UK music paper Sounds had another interview with Vangelis, focusing on his instruments and recording technique.

Crawdaddy: "VANGELIS IN CONCERT: TIERS OF RAGE" (Crawdaddy magazine, May 1976, USA)

Text - English - This progrock magazine from the USA visited Vangelis' press conference after the Heaven and Hell concert. Descriptions of the show, and an amusing conversation between Vangelis and an RCA official.

Oor '76 interview, "The Child Of Aphrodite Explodes!" (Oor music news paper, February 25, 1976)

Text - English, translated from Dutch - Dutch music newspaper (at the time) "Oor", was one of the many to interview Vangelis during this period.

"Sounds '76 interview" (Sounds music newspaper, February 7, 1976, United Kingdom)

Text - English - Sounds interviewed Vangelis in his Nemo studio after the release of Heaven and Hell.

Beat Instrumental: "Vangelis' Heaven and Hell" (Beat International magazine, December 1975, United Kingdom)

Text - English - This magazine had a special on Synthesizers and started off the issue with a small interview with Vangelis about the Heaven and Hell album.

"Ichos" magazine interview (Ichos magazine, September 1975, Greece)

Text - English, translated from Greek - The Greek musical press was still following Vangelis, even though he had left since long for Paris and then London. This interview was published in Ichos magazine.

"The Greek Connection" (New Musical Express music newspaper, August 16 1975, United Kingdom)

Text - English - A small and peculiar interview in UK music paper "New Musical Express" paints more scenery than interview quotes but has a happy end.

"Greek keyboard revolutionary VANGELIS PAPATHANASSIOU - the man who slams the stars"
(New Musical Express music newspaper, October 12 1974, United Kingdom)

Text - English - An article about the new star in London's musical skies, from their '70s perspective.

Sounds: "Surprise surprise" (Sounds music newspaper, August 10 1974, United Kingdom)

Text - English - Vangelis must have just entered the UK, but Sounds already managed to get an interview with him. The "joining Yes" rumors, the many keyboards, the record contract, all the Brits' favorite topics of the time where covered in this article.

"Vangelis Papathanassiou - one of those rare rock characters" (Melody Maker music newspaper, August 10 1974, United Kingdom)

Text - English - British music paper Melody Maker had a lengthy chat with Vangelis that resulted in a colorful interview article, published the same day as the Sounds article.

"Vangelis - Obscure genius" (Sounds, March 9 1974, United Kingdom)

Text - English - When he just moved from France to Britain the UK music paper "Sounds" featured an article with interview quotes.

"The Greeks have a word for it." (Melody Maker, August 19 1972, United Kingdom)

Text - English - Melody Maker had an article about Vangelis after Aphrodite's Child split up. It has only one quote to make it qualify as an interview, but finding something else from that era is almost impossible.

Interview in Rave magazine (Rave teen magazine, January 1968, United Kingdom)

Text - English - The earliest Vangelis interview in English that we found was published in a UK teen magazine, when Aphrodite's Child was still busy scoring hits on the continent. / Interviews index