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Recommended sites

Links to the largest fan sites are listed here. These sites cover a variety of different topics relating to Vangelis' music, and are distinguished by their original content (i.e. they do not compile or edit content from other sites):


    A site dedicated to Vangelis collectibles, from vinyl records, audio CDs, videotapes, and video discs. It displays hundreds of image scans of releases, alternative prints, rarities, collaborations, foreign prints, re-issues, cover versions, etc. all supplied with their catalog numbers.


    A site with comprehensive lists of Vangelis' works and projects, whether released on record, composed for film, or otherwise. The works are presented using a time line which is useful when doing research. The site also delves deeper into the details of a number of topics, such as the works of Frederic Rossif, and the numerous Vangelis collaborations with other artists.


    A site dedicated to the lyrics of the songs of which Vangelis composed music for. It also has an extensive collaborations section where it goes into details about these songs.


    A site with extensive information on bootlegs and the privately fan-made burned CDs that contains rare or unreleased music by Vangelis.


    A site dedicated to Vangelis' former recording studio in London. The site has an introduction to Vangelis with a particular focus towards the Nemo Studios releases. It also includes photo galleries and articles, as well as a biography in Greek.

Official site


    Vangelis' official domain since 1996, but never developed beyond its original anouncement.

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Other related sites and pages

Links to other Vangelis fan sites in no particular order

Links to articles, interviews, and videos

Links to exclusive online interviews or music.

The Direct mailing list

This Direct e-mail mailing list, maintained by Keith Gregoire and Antony Novo, is entirely devoted to Vangelis. The list started life in the early 1990s and was named as the 'Direct' mailing list.

After the list was moved to Yahoo it is known today as the 'Direct List' and it currently has over 600 subscribed members.

  • The easiest way to subscribe or unsubscribe to the mailing list is to go the Vangelis Yahoo Groups homepage at: and subscribe to the list after following a few steps.

  • Alternatively, you can also subscribe in the old fashioned way by sending an e-mail to You will receive an automated message with further instructions.

Once subscribed you can contribute your post to it by mailing Or if you prefer via the web interface. You can unsubscribe from the list by e-mail if you like by sending a mail to, or again, you can unsubscribe using the web interface.

Attention: Starting December 14, 2019 Yahoo Groups will no longer host user created content on its Yahoo Groups sites and old posts cannot be viewed.

Links to online music shops for CDs, vinyl records, tapes, etc.

Other loosely related links


    A news-group especially created for discussing topics relating Vangelis' music. However, it has been effectively inactive for many years. You can search the archive at


    The Internet Movie Database is a community-based site that online users can add and list Vangelis' works featured in films. However the list is not always correct as often mistakes creep in. Note the "filmography" section may also list films that use a previously released track as background music. Sometimes this is misleading as it implies that those films include original new music by Vangelis when they are not.


    A community-based site that lists Vangelis' releases from around the world. The entries are contributed by online users.


    A web page with information on a minor planet named after Vangelis. It includes a daily graphic on the object's position.


    NASA's own tracking of the minor planet Vangelis with more extensive tracking.


    A web site dedicated to Blade Runner including its music.


    A site in Italian about Aphrodite's Child. Site is regularly updated.


    Punk rock star Cherry Vanilla's voice is featured on "See You Later" and the "My Love" single. She currently works for Vangelis management. / links