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A list of releases by other artists, on which Vangelis' participated. On occasion, Vangelis would perform instruments for other artists, he would help arrange music or produce it. Or sometimes he composed music for others, collaborated with them. Or he recorded a solo work which appeared only on an album that is not primarily his. This list summarizes where else you can find work by Vangelis. It does not pretend to be complete.

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Vangelis appears on the following releases:

Alpha Beta

  • 7": "Astral Abuse" - Vangelis wrote the B-side ("Who Killed?") and contributed to both sides in other ways

Jon Anderson

  • 7": "Easier Said Than Done" (1985) - written with V
  • CD: "3 Ships" (1986) - 1 song "Easier Said than Done" composed with V
  • CD: "Change We Must" (1994) - 4 J&V songs reworked by Anderson with Orchestra. "State of Independence", "Candle Song" (=Anyone can Light a Candle), "The Kiss" (previously unreleased) and "Change we Must" (original released only years later).


  • CD: "Anderson/Bruford/Wakeman/Howe" (1989) - "Let's pretend" composed with V (based on unreleased J&V track, see bootleg recordings for original)

Richard Anthony

  • CD: "Richard Anthony Gold" (1974/1993) - CD contains all tracks from a '74 LP (plus 4 extra). One track "Qui T'a Fait Ca" composed by V.

Claudio Baglioni

  • CD: "E Tu" (1974) - Arranged and performed on by V. Two different versions exist on both LP and CD (different editing and production)

Helen Banks

  • 7": "Do You Know / Hazy Day " (1973) - Rare single, V is uncredited but his input is evident from the sound. Probably arranging, producing and playing.
  • 7": "Starlight / Very Deep, Very Dark " (1973) - Rare single, V is uncredited but his input is evident from the sound. Probably arranging, producing and playing.

Montserrat Caballe

  • CD: "Friends for Life" (1997)- "March with Me" and "Like a Dream" composed and performed with V
  • CD: "With All My Heart" (1998) - "A Prayer" composed and performed with V. Album also titles "Im Ganzen Hertze" or "Con Todo Mi Corazon"


  • 7": "Amore" (1976) - A side composed by V under pseudonym "Richard Broadbaker", supposedly performed by V. (uncredited), prod. by brother Nico Papathanassiou
  • CD: "Chinese Restaurant" (1977) - Unconfirmed! V is said to have performed uncredited. produced by V's brother Nico in Nemo studio. (CD is Italian remaster)
  • 7": "U"/U part two (1977) - Unconfirmed! Supposedly performed uncredited by V. Produced by brother Nico in Nemo studio. Based on earlier V song ("Who" by Odyssey)
  • LP: "Hibernation" (1978) - Unconfirmed! V supposedly performed uncredited. Prod. by Nico.

Suzanne Ciani

  • CD: "The Velocity Of Love" (1986) - V plays uncredited on 3 songs. He was credited on subsequent re-releases.

Cosmos compilation

  • CD: "Cosmos Collector's Edition" (2000) - V's "Comet part 16" composed for the 1986 "Cosmos Special Edition" series has been included on this 2CD. Careful, RCA also released a Vangelis compilation album called "Cosmos", which has nothing to do with the series or this track!

Riccardo Cocciante

  • CD: "Concerto Per Margherita" (1976) - Arranged and engineered by V at Nemo, with Guy Protheroe's choir. Also available as gold remaster, and in Spanish version as "Concierto Para Margarita". (NOT Concert Pour Margarit, 1978!! which contains French re-recordings without V's input!!!)

Ricardo Credi

  • 7": "Siga Siga" (1967) - Greek 60s song performed with V and his orchestra, same for B side called "Non et Non". Other version of single has "Une larme" on B side, similar sound but it's unclear if Vangelis was involved.


  • 7": "Pretty One" (1974) - Progrock with a voice that sounds like Roussos was cloned. V wrote and played on the A side. B side is unrelated.
  • 7": "Sing All You Can" (1974) - Rock ballad under musical direction/orchestration by V. The same goes for B side "The Land".

Maria Farantouri

  • CD: "17 Songs" (1990) - 3 songs composed and performed by V, titled "17 Tragoudia" in Greece

The Forminx

  • CD: "The Forminx" (1999) - V's first 60s highschool band on compilation CD, reissued from LP originally
  • CD: Ultimate Greek Pop, the Formidable Forminx (1999)- part 1 from 5CD set, all and more tracks than above
  • 12": White Christmas - 4 songs for the seasons (covers) by V' highschool band, not available on the compilation CDs

Little Sammy Gaha

  • 7": "J'ai Envie de Toi" / "Cuckoo" (1974) - Both tracks performed on by V.

Inter-Groupie Psychotherapeutic Elastic Band

  • 7": "Floating" / "Coloured Butterfly" (1971) - Both tracks performed by V and Silver Koulouris.

Michael Hoppé

  • CD: "Solace" (2003) - V rearranged and performed Hoppé's earlier released composition called "The Parting" (recorded in '86)


  • 7": "Bird of Love / The Pawn" (1973) - Bird of Love composed by V under Broadbacker pseudonym. V input on both tracks evident by sound.

I Nuovi Angeli

  • 7": "Mamma Luna" (1977) - 2 songs (B: Teresa la Vispa) rumored to have V's input, published by Spheric, prod by Nico.

Aleka Kanelidou

  • 7": "The More I See You" / "Stranger" (1967) - Both songs performed with V, "Stranger" written with V. Both songs also appeared on CD "My First Songs"

Zoe Kouroukli

  • 7": "Oldies But Goodies" (1966) - Written with V and performed with V, also available on "The Ultimate Greek Pop" boxset, disc 4 "Ladies and Gentlemen of Pop"
  • 7": "One Day in Zappion" (1966) - With V, B side has instrumental "Oldies but Goodies" written and performed by V and band

Paul Labbey

  • 7": "Mon Belle Ange Blond" (1969) - Produced by V. B side is "Ma Romance" but no V input there

Vilma Lado

  • 7": "Une Etoile / Le Vent" (1967) - both tracks composed by and performed with V, A side uses Mozart as intro and appeared on a (counterfeit?) compilation LP in 2000. Vilma later sang for V as Alpha Beta (see above) in the 70s.

Vicky Leandros

  • LP: "Vicky" (1983) - 1 track ("La Colombe Et L'Aigle") written with V (not all pressings!)

Raymond Lefevre Et Son Grand Orchestre

  • LP/CD: "Concerto Pour Une Voix" (1970) - V composed instrumental tune "Stephanie (Indicatif de la Rose D'Or 1970)", Lefevre arranged it for orchestra, conducted and released it on this LP. Also on "nr 12", and a CD in Japan.

Stavros Logarides

  • CD: "Se alli gi" (1980) - V co-composed one track "Na M'Agapas" under Richard Broadbacker pseudonym, possible cover from "Humanity" track "Bird Of Love".

Mama O

  • 7": "Red Square / When The Cat's Away" (1978) - these two funny instrumental disco tunes were composed and performed by Vangelis under the Pseudonym "Richard Broadbacker" as "Mama O".


  • 7": "Caro Professore" / "Il mondo lo sa" (1966) - Both A and B side written and performed with V


  • LP: "Mariangela" (1975) - produced by and played on by V

Vanessa Mae

  • CD: "Choreography" (2004) - includes "Roxane's Veil" composed and performed by V, Mae playing violin lead.

Melina Mercouri

  • CD: "Si Melina m'etait contee" (1974) - 4 songs with V
  • CD: "Melina Merkouri" (Polydor 839 181-2) - Compilation that has 2 songs from above album plus a Greek language version of "Athina" from above album.


  • CD: "Ich hab' keine angst" (1981) - composed by V, AKA "Milva sings Vangelis vol. 1", and 6 tracks prod/arranged by V and presumably played uncredited
  • CD: "Geheimnisse" (1986) - composed by V
  • CD: "Tra Due Sogni (1986) - Italian (and one English) language versions of songs from "Geheimnisse". And track 10 is a completely different song. AKA "Milva sings Vangelis vol. 2" in Japan, AKA "Star Gold - Die Grosse Erfolge" on CD in Germany.
  • 7": "Du Gibst Mir Mehr" (1986) - The 4:20 single of this track is different version with very different mix/production.


  • 7": "Who / Sad Face" (1974) - both produced and arranged by V, Sad Face composed by V

Elaine Paige

  • CD: "Love Hurts" (1985) - 1 song ("All Things considered") composed by V


  • 7": "Notturno / Dimenticare" (1977) - Dimenticare cowritten by V, both tracks arranged by V, produced by V's brother Nico

Tassos Papastamatis

  • ??: "Strangers in the Night" (196?) - cover of the famous song, performed with V, found on a compilation LP (The 60s 7" single is a DIFFERENT recording without V)
  • 7": "Rosetta / Days of Love (1969) - Two songs performed by the former Forminx singer, composed by V on a French release

Patti Pravo

  • CD: "Tanto" (1976) - arranged and performed on by V

George Romanos

  • CD: "In concert/studio" (1968) - V plays on 4 songs.
  • 7": "Marina" / "To Roloi" - "To Roloi" is vocal version of "the Clock" (also V instr solo single) not available on "In Concert/studio" album, performed with V


  • 7"/12": "Compare me with the rest" (1981) - V composed and performed both songs

Demis Roussos

  • CD: "Magic" (1977) - V arranged and performed
  • LP: "Ainsi soit-il" (1977) - 4 songs arranged and produced by V, partly same as Magic but French.
  • 7": "Race To The End" (1981) - A side is from Demis album, but Dutch print has the rare "Seasons of Love" on B-side which was written with Vangelis
  • CD: "Demis" (1982) - includes "Race to the end" ( = "Chariots of Fire" rearranged by Vangelis into a popsong) as well as "Lament" and "Song for the Free" arr and perhaps produced by V but uncredited. The CD version is extremely rare except the Russian print which is a pirate. There were also French and Spanish LPs with Spanish lyrics for all 3 V related songs
  • CD: "Reflection" (1984) - produced by V. CD version only available in Korea. There was an LP without "Great Pretender" and there was an LP without "Red Sails in the Sunset". There's at least a cassette that has both. The Korean CD has Great Pretender (some tracks incl both "Great Pretender" and "Red Sails" have also appeared as bonuses on Dutch CD "Attitudes")


  • CD: "Phos" (1976) - produced by V

George Theodosiadis & The Jazz Orchestra

  • CD: selftitled (1964/1965) - V plays vibraphone on some songs. Probably the most early recording with V playing


  • 7": Ed Ora Si (1969) - A cover of I Want To Live, produced with V, with B: "Tu C'Eri Gia'", composed and produced with V. Vana Veroutis later sang on Heaven & Hell, Fete Sauvage...

Julian Lloyd Webber

  • CD: "Encore! Travels with my cello volume 2" (1986) - 1 track composed by and performed with V
  • CD: "Harmony" (1991) - Alternative way to get the above mentioned track ("Un Apres-Midi").

Fran├žois Wertheimer

  • 7": Pour un Peu Mieux que D'habitude (1974) - French prog rock ballad, A side composed by and played with V.


  • CD: "Keys to Assencion Volume 2 (1997) - part of 1 track based on unreleased Jon & Vangelis song "Distant Thunder" (demo tape)

Yumas, the

  • 7": "Happiness / Tapata" (1973) - V composed under Broadbacher pseudonym these two mainly instrumental pieces. Obscure single from Italy


  • 7": "Ciao Amore Ciao" / "Non Pensare a Me" - Greek 60s single by Zoe, both sides performed by V with his "orchestra"
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