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The Elsewhere Vangelis site is a fan site aiming to present an overview of information and regularly updated news about composer Vangelis Papathanassiou

This site is not in any way associated with Vangelis or his management. This is a fan page, made as a hobby. It is also not possible to contact Vangelis or any of the featured artists via this site or its editors.

The pages aim to inform anyone from the complete novice all the way up to experienced fans and collectors.

Beginners could start with the introduction section and the album descriptions, while others may find an interest in the other sections for additional background information.

Founded originally in 1996, the Elsewhere site was built (and continues to grow) with the purpose of sharing information that cannot (or could not) otherwise be found on the internet. It always tried not recreate what other websites already featured. For that purpose all pictures or sounds where scanned (from off-line sources) especially for this site, with only a few exceptions. Much of the content is based on contributions from other fans, in the shape of information, texts, images (scanned or otherwise), and any such contributions are always much appreciated. However: Texts, images and sounds taken elsewhere from the internet are of no use to us, except when they represent news, in which case we might like to link to them.

For the same reasons, we do not appreciate when other web sites copy texts, pictures or sounds from "Elsewhere". That includes posting it on Facebook or other forums. It serves no purpose. Please link to Elsewhere instead.

Why this page?

Elsewhere was founded in 1996, the early days of the world wide web, when only one other Vangelis site existed. Michael Perkhofer and Stephen Bowline's Vangelis home page, which has since sadly vanished, gave many early web surfers (as it was called in those days) a first introduction into Vangelis' musical output. The idea was for Elsewhere to give a more comprehensive and complete view on the music that Vangelis released into the world, while keeping the information up-to-date by regularly updating and correcting content, and constantly adding news updates on the latest buzz around Vangelis' arts.

Thankfully, a whole lot of other web sites and pages about Vangelis (or related topics) have come into existence since then and by now a great variety of detailed info can be found on the web. A list of almost every site worth checking out can be found in the links section of this site. Additionally, services like Wikipedia and YouTube now provide alternative means to catch up on Vangelis' music or get an impression of the artist. We do feel however that Elsewhere can serve its purpose as a central point of information, with a track record of timely information, comprehensive news updates and general reliability. Please feel invited to judge this for yourself.

Why the name?

Any place you can think of is someone's elsewhere. Elsewhere is what you (day)dream of. Elsewhere is any place but here. "Elsewhere" is the name is the title of a track on the album "Direct" (1988). There is no special reason to borrow this specific track's title, other than its poetic scope.


This web site is constantly being expanded. Extra details are added each week and sections are regularly created or significantly expanded.

Sadly, emailing updates or maintaining a chronological list of alterations is simply not manageable for us. But check out the topic about news alerts below.


For linking to Elsewhere, the address of the main page of this site is: http://elsew.com/. But of course, links to separate parts of the site (deep links) are welcome as well.

News alerts

Since May 2012, we started to post alerts for each new news item on Twitter. Feel free to follow us on both, or spread and share the word your favorite topics!
  • Twitter: twitter.com/ElsewDotCom Sadly, Twitter no longer supports an RSS feed on their accounts.
  • Facebook: facebook.com/elsewdotcom/
  • Note that alerts are posted for news items only. Not for other content being added or expanded.

    Technical details

    Since July 2011, Elsewhere has been redesigned. All of the content was transformed and structured to fit into a new graphical look. The pages are (mostly) written in HTML 4.1 with use of CSS 2.0 for the graphical interface design. Use of these technologies should warrant enough compatibility to adequately service older browsers or exotic browsing environments, while smoothly resulting in an optimized experience on all modern mainstream browsers, operating systems and devices. Work is in progress on an optimization (alternative layout) for mobile devices, to comply with Google's search engine optimization requirements.


    If you have any suggestions for these pages, feel you can add to them or have any corrections on either the information included or the language used to express it, then please feel free to contact us about it at: "elsew.com@gmail.com".

    Personal spot


    I live in Veldhoven with Yvonne and our daugther Elsa. I work in IT, currently on data in the logistics branch.

    When not working, I record and release my own cinematic electronic music, branded as "The Amnis Initiative". Vangelis is one of my biggest influences, but I try to include lessons learned from all music that I listen to.

    The Amnis Initiative links:
  • Stream, download, physical CDs: theamnisinitiative.bandcamp.com
  • Streaming on Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/3urpW5AkN9MdRrUoV0CpR1
  • Official site: TheAmnisInitiative.com
  • Besides Vangelis, I listen to music from artists like Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, The Rosen Corporation, Jean Michel Jarre, Jan Hammer, Loreena McKennitt, John Williams, Redshift, some synthwave including Volkor-X and Meteor. Also Enigma, Joe Satriani, some trailer music, Ramin Djawadi's score for Game of Thrones.
    While concentrating at work I like to enjoy a selection of warm modern electronics like Asura, Astronaut Ape, Lab's Cloud, Astral Waves, Eguana, Alwoods, Carbon Based Lifeforms, etc.

    Some Spotify playlists of music that I enjoy:
  • Beauty: open.spotify.com/playlist/4ChtpLo1WJpCDHaaGzm4...
  • Electronic music: open.spotify.com/playlist/1zPcoLFJCRlN...
  • Synthwave fun: open.spotify.com/playlist/6ywjrOopOozHG...
  • Credits

    The Elsewhere site was initially founded by Dennis Lodewijks. It is since being written, edited and maintained by Dennis and Sufian. The graphical design and HTML / CSS coding were developed by Dennis.

    Certain sections of "Elsewhere" have been created by guest writers. The Jon Anderson section, focusing on Jon's solo career as well as the work he has done together with Vangelis, was written by Tomas Howie. The section about Demis Roussos and his connections to Vangelis has been written by Michael Thomas Roe, Atlanta (USA), who is a big fan of both Vangelis and Roussos.

    A selection of the scans and images of rare items found here was provided by Roland Weissflog, a German Vangelis fan and collector.

    We'd Like to thank

    Those without whom.......
    Michael Thomas Roe, Roland Weissflog, Coen van der Geest, John van Houtert, Tomas Howie, Don Fennimore.
    They were all essential and have contributed large and considerable substance for this site, or helped forming the basis of it. Thanks!

    Additional thanks to:
    Vangelis in the Conquest of Paradise music video Joost Wijnen, Aycan Gulez, Paulo Mouat, David Gommeren, Jan-Willem van Aalst, Peter Korsten, Hiro Amano, Rob Barfield, Nick Kent, Pieter Reniers, Mark petrella, Kees Aerts, Joy van Heerwaarden, Paulo Oom, Peter Dekker, Paolo Cadeddu, Diego Lugon, Richard Perdriau, Frans Cortenraad, Fergus Lalor, Anthony R. Novo, Kaposva'ri Zolta'n, Guillaume Latzko-Toth, Vincent Evans, Gerrit Vos, Mark Griffin, Jonas Warstad, Octavian Buda, Jacob Nielsen, Antas, Sander Strootman, Jussi Jacobson, Balthasar v. Wegmarn, Tirrion, Koert van Mensvoort, Wil Senders, Martin van Knorring, Michael Tsiberopoulos, Kazuhiko Imaki, Derek J. Power, Tim Gerwing, Romain Brunias, Henk Engelen, Francisco Rico Jerez, Vennie Nemecek, Bart Martens, Nuno Bandeira, Giuseppe Valenzise, Stephen Mc. Gregor, Wade Major, Duncan Smith, Mike Ryan, Noel Koutlis, Elf, Ian Ferguson, Samuel Gomez, Daniel Mathias, Nathan Soice, Enzo Casiraghi, Michael Williams, Kevin Nolan, William McGinney, John Hallsted, Robert Eichelsheim, Jussi Kulomaa, Duke Fleed, Rod MacQuarrie, Frederick Rousseau, Alain Guillem, Matej Kranjc, David Winter, Foster Cullen, Tomi Suominen, Peter Ravn, Paul Poroshin, Gabi Brenners, Christian Ienni, Daoud Ibrahim Ahmed, Ivar de Vries, Kashif Ahmed, Brad White, Brian T. Hamer, Victor Mabry, Giorgio Gomelski, Andrew Smith, Christian Wiesner, Francisco Torres, Ioannis Dikeakos, Walter Wachhauer, Hans den Besten, Pat Richmond, Milan Fajrajzl, Loren Nerell, Giovanni Benzon, Dave Leech, Jiji Veltcheva, Philip Bielby, Paul Rijkens, Madan, Cristian Bescos, Philipe Thoma, Marcin Dawid, Paul Friedrichs, Mark Matthews, Caroline Lavelle, Katja Burpoe, Marc Vanholsbeeck, Marco Negri, David (DeltaFox), Jens Gulin, Blake Neely, Harada Yasuhiro, Brian King, Jani (gianis56@otenet.gr), Frits Couwenberg, Seiya Hirano, Kevin Polfliet, Patrick Schouten, Maichel Gommans, Patric Gleeson, Stratos Spyrou, Michael Hoppé, Yves Rescalet, John Norfolk, Thomas Hopf, Umberto Calonaci, Bas Dekkers, Sweder Jansen, Chris K. (Tellur), László-Miklós Jurecz, Stuart Black, Imre Olajos, James Brommage, Kevin Chartron, Rob Gretsinger, TJ Pridonoff, Paul Schmits, Anduan, Panu Talus, Atolis, Bernd Kistenmacher, George Tsimperopoulos, Jordi Bloem, Albert Aalbers, Graham Carter, Nikola Tchalakov, Mark Lyons, Olivier Brigand, Paul van Kesteren, Andreas Heinz, Robin Grinnall, Bert Anjewierden, David Sherwood, Roberto Marconi, Annie Vincent, Henri Aal, David Leech, Manolis Psaltis and Vasco Oliveira.
    For many small and bigger contributions, tips, corrections, additions, and helping efforts. Some on our request, some out of their own initiatives. Thanks!

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